Friday, November 29, 2002

well tonight i get the luxury of using the computer because i took part in a family boggle game *puke* but i get half an hour talking to friendly peoples!! hehe! hm..but now i am being told that it is not "bear with me" and that it is "bare with me" huh. life is so confusing.
still sick...but now it doesnt suck as much because i get to miss my violin lesson!! hahaha!! never realized how boring my life is but now i'm trying to write about it and there's nothing to write. oh well, i guess boring is good..kind of....
Oh exciting bit of information!!! i took these prejudice tests online to see my "hidden bias's" (kind of your unconcious judgement of people) and it says I moderately prefer gay people to straight people!! hehe! i think that is fun! yes yes if you want to take those tests its at then on the right side of the page there is a box and you scroll down and it says "hidden bias's" click on that then scroll down and click "choose a test" and if those directions didnt' make sense then you can ask me. Ok i just thought of an idea: periodically I will have a fun website for everyone to go check that was the one for this ...i dunno week or whatever. *side note* the new puddle of mudd cd is awesome!!! ok well i'm leaving now toodoloo!

Thursday, November 28, 2002

well today its thanksgiving and I am fucking sick!!! yuck! you know when you're sick and you feel all lazy and gross? yea thats how it is and I can't move because my head will start throbing like hell. God it pisses me off.
ok weird thing about girls: why do we get into these bitchy little girl fights where we talk behind eachother's backs and shit?? guys get in fights and they may beat eachother up or anything but the next day it's like nothing happened. girls hold grudges and have these long drawn out fights. blah. yea i feel bad because I'm kind of grouping guys and girls and prejudice is absolutely the worst thing in the world but i think that stereotypes overall are true, but you should NEVER base your opinion of someone on them. so yea..thats my wonderful little insight for today....or maybe for the week...I'm not a very insightful person hehe.
Anyway, i've decided to keep this blog cuz I've been looking everywhere for a cool one and i like this one so it works haha. but now i'll stop talking so you can either go on to my next entry or....well what else would you want to do?? I mean my blog is like the best it's so cool...not repetetive or boring at all.............

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

aaaahahaha I'm a dork i get it now!! ok this will be fun!!!! well it will be fun later when I actually start venting on this thing....but not not now.
woah i'm confused...did i not just post something?
Yes, I am, in fact, a Paramecium. It's actually pretty cool..but ya know shit happens. Paramecium life just isn't what it used to used to be that if a paramecium floating down the way spotted another paramecium in need...the paramecium would stop and help the paramecium in need in it's paramecium-like way. Now, it is a cruel petri dish we live in. Parameciums multiplying like mad...not considering the possibility of overpopulation. haha actually I'm not a paramecium!!!! I sooo just tricked everyone who read that! but it is kinda sad i could talk about parameciums for so long....
anyway...I'm new to this so bear with me when i totally mess up and make a fool of myself!!! Well, I will be posting again later but this is my first one so its kind of a test and I've kind of just been thinking of random things to say!! hahaha! oh well i'm done now.